Is MJ Capital Funding a Ponzi Scam? Or the Victim of False Allegations by a Financially Motivated Anonymous Stranger?

This is the truth behind an anonymous individual who is attacking MJ Capital Funding and demanding 150,000 dollars to remove the website attack. MJ Capital Funding (MJCF) is a female owned business headquartered in southern Florida.
MJ Capital Funds Scam Ponzi Scheme

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Is MJ Capital Funding a Ponzi Scheme Or Scam?

No. MJ Capital Funding is not a scam or ponzi scheme. The content below will detail the attack by the anonymous individual who is at the center of these baseless claims. And they will be caught. They are using a false identity, as well as masquerading as a champion of the people, while truly only being financially motivated.

Lets look at when the website first came online.The image on the right shows a whois lookup of the website that sprouted up overnight in April.

MJ Capital Funds Pyramid Scheme?

MJ Funding Under Attack

It wasn’t long after the website appeared that someone alerted us. Let us be clear. Nothing, and we mean nothing on the website that is targeting us is true. That is our official statement. Below you’ll see the evidence, and the truth. We have called the Police, and the FBI, and are in the process of catching this individual. We believe in the American justice system. The law, and the truth are on our side, and justice will be served.

The True Scam Begins…

MJ Capital Florida Victim Of Scammer

The first version of the website that appeared on 4/10/21 was clearly quickly thrown together with completely fake victims and names, because that is all the culprit could conjure.

There aren’t ANY victims here except MJ Capital Funding and those we do business with who have been hurt by the lies.

The image on the left and below consists of computer generated faces from – A popular website that creates artificially generated faces. The fraudster simply went to this website and refreshed the page, and saved all the images for his fake presentation of victims. A simple google search of the names or dollar amounts associated with each of these images yields nothing.

Now, most people may not realize these faces are computer generated, but some will quickly recognize this. The individual was hoping to scare off potential MJCF purchasers as well as receivers. Their intention is to injure MJ Capital Funding. They are not defending or helping anyone. However, they are working hard to line their own pockets with cryptocurrency (more on that below).

This page was quickly taken down when they realized it wasn’t very convincing. So they updated the website to be more believable. They’ve been steadily updating it with back links and writing false content presented as truth to try to make it seem more legitimate. The person who is attacking us has help from someone who is competent in SEO (search engine optimization). Nevertheless they will be caught.

(Larger image below shows the clearly AI generated faces)

MJ Capital Florida Victim Of Ponzi Scheme Fraud Allegations

The Ultimate Goal Is to Get MJCF to Pay to Remove the Website.

Who in their right mind would want to go through something like this, right? Can you imagine if this happened to you or your business? What would you do and how would you react?

Our first response was to call the police, then the FBI, and then our lawyer. We sought as much advice as we could. We reached out to the domain provider who is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and asked them to remove the domain. Despite all the evidence against the website we have been collecting, Siteground has stonewalled us, the authorities, and our lawyer. We have sent emails and had multiple chat sessions with Siteground, to no avail.

We then reached out directly to the email to ask them to take down the website. That is when the perpetrator finally showed his true intentions. Money.

Review the email below (we will forward this email directly to you per your request if you would like to review the date/time and technical information that proves this email is real.)

The Scam Asks For Money Via Crypto

Further Evidence That Answers: Is MJ Capital Funding in Pompano Florida a Scam?

Fake Name Used By Scam Artist

The answer is of course not. The attacks have been personal. It appears that the culprit is working hard to get under Johanna’s skin as well as others who work in the business. We aren’t sure if its a competitor of MJCF, or if its just an opportunist looking to get rich quick…But it is certainty NOT Jonathan Aaronson or a legitimate journalist. Read on, this gets better…

If you view the website, the website offers no direct link to any of his works, his identity, other blogs where he can be identified by name.

When you google “Jonathan Aaronson Journalist” nothing comes up with his photograph, nor can any of his work be found.

So what’s the deal with that?

It’s because he doesn’t exist, just like all of the claims coming from the website. Their only intention is to get money. Not to be a champion of the people, or fight fraud.

Look at the two search results below. You’ll see in the first image he can’t be found on google. And if you reverse image search his profile picture being used on the website, it brings up 58 results of people using the same image for their website. It’s a stock photo, isn’t that shocking? You can find the photo on for example which is one of the worlds most famous free stock photo websites.

Google Search Jonathan Aaronson
Reverse Image Search

Is MJ Capital Funding Legit Business?

What MJ Capital does is legitimate. We are a business that specializes in MCA’s. MCA’s are a legitimate business, in fact. companies like SHOPIFY, SQUARE and PAYPAL have MCA’s as part of their business models. Does that make them a Ponzi Scheme as well?

What isn’t legitimate is the claims this website is making against the MJCF family.

Look at further evidence from the domain email used. Does he look like someone who is of journalistic integrity and wants to help people and fight a “scam”?

Or does he appear to be someone looking to get paid? Read the email below and you be the judge. Again we can provide the original email to anyone who would like to review the origin of the email in question.

Is MJ Capital Funding A Legit Business?

MJ Capital Funds Florida Vs Unknown Individual(s)

We don’t know who we are up against, yet. But we do know they are in the wrong, and that they will be brought to justice. In the meantime, we remain a victim of a crime. Below is proof of our case file with the Broward County Sheriff’s office (redacted for privacy). We will not give into criminal demands. If you can help us in anyway to catch the perpetrator, please reach out. We will keep your information confidential. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to help. We appreciate each and every one of you who has taken the time to read this post, and we look forward to bringing an end to this ordeal.

Case Filed With Florida Sherriff Office