MJ Capital Funding’s CEO: Johanna Garcia

This is the story of MJ Capital Funding's Johanna Garcia of Florida. Below we dive into her life and how the company came to be.
MJ Capital Funding Johanna Garcia

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Meet MJ Capital Funding CEO Johanna Garcia

MJCF derives from the founder’s name. Her name is Johanna Michely Garcia, but she is known as Johanna Garcia. She is the owner of all the MJ entities. MJ Remodeling, MJ Capital Funding, MJ Realty, MJ Enterprise, MJ Lounge (coming soon) And Finally the parent company, MJ Tax Services and More, which is the paternal company to all other MJ entities.

Johanna Garcia started working on her dreams full time about 13 years ago as a tax prep. She is from North Lauderdale, Florida, where the majority of the community is Hispanic and African American. Johanna has always been known as a hardworking woman that has had her priorities in line. Johanna will always put her family and friends first. She is often referred to as “Mother Theresa” in her community.

MJ Capital Funds Florida Johanna Garcia

How Florida’s MJ Funding Became a Reality

As mentioned earlier, Johanna started as a tax prep helping her community prepare their taxes. As she was building her clientele, she noticed her clients needed help in different areas of live. Which included finding general services such as help with the immigration process, information regarding buying or selling a home, and funding to general contractors who needed funds to start their projects. These general contractors often had their capital tied up in other projects, but they did not want to give up another venture. They faced many obstacles, but fortunately, Johanna was there with a solution to help.

Johanna saw the needs of her clients, so she took it upon herself to find a way to help her community. She would ask questions to professionals who specialize in the needs of her clients and would direct them to these professionals to meet and exceed their needs.

So, Johanna began to collect a portion of the dividends for directing her clients in the right path, but she never did it with the intention to profit financially. She did it with the intention of helping her community. Johanna Garcia was able to not only to help her community but also grow as a result of her success and building credibility. The more she helped her community in Southern Florida the more she gained new clients.

Johanna Garcia originally operated MJ Capital Funding through MJ Taxes and More, meaning that she would extend Merchant Cash Advances to contractors who needed funding. As she grew she was instructed by her financial advisor to break off MJ Capital Funding into its own entity, creating the business we have today.

Johanna registered her business as MJ Tax Services and More, Inc. in 2016. Prior to that, she did her client’s taxes with only her PTIN #, which is a number given by the IRS to anyone rendering tax prep services. She has never taken “no” or “can’t” for an answer, which is a direct reflection of her client’s reviews.

Johanna Garcia and MJ Capital Funds Breaks Ground

MJ Capital Johanna Garcia

Thirteen years ago, she officially established the company’s current physical location, which is 2754 W Atlantic Blvd, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, and has been registered as a business since 2016. As time went on, she associated herself with financial advisors, CPA’s, lawyers, real estate brokers and other key professionals.

In 2019 MJ Realty Group was established, with German Pizzaro as vice president.

Additionally, MJ Remodeling Services and More and MJ Enterprise were founded in 2019, with Nathalia Burgos as VP.

In 2020 MJ Capital Funding was launched, with Nathalia Burgos as VP. And, coming soon is the MJ Lounge.

As you can see, Johanna truly is a passionate entrepreneur, and a very busy person. Yet she always finds times for her clients, friends, and family.

Long before Johanna officially registered her businesses on Sunbiz, she was helping her clients. The fact that Johanna’s businesses were not registered as individual entities, does not discredit from the work and effort that she put in, through her parent company, to meet their needs. Johanna is an individual who truly comes from humble beginnings. Throughout the years, the amount of dedication and time that she has put into her businesses has led to an immense amount of knowledge surrounding the areas in which she works, in order to better provide for her clients, while building the MJ Brand.

What Makes MJ Capital Funds Special?

What makes Florida’s MJ Capital Funding platform a successful movement for individuals to put their money to work?
Many of Johanna’s long term tax clients remember stepping into her office, when there were only three desks. Many on the team at MJ come from a background where they were working 100+ hours a week. Working hard jobs like managing dry cleaning locations and scraping by on minimum wage even though they possessed the spirit and work ethic for greater success. So, instead of wasting tax return money on shopping or a down payment for a new car, people reached out to Johanna to see if there was anything they could do with that money that would generate revenue.

The Dream Becomes a Reality

MJ Capital Johanna Garcia
Humble things have humble beginnings.

Take the story of Pavel for example: “Johanna proceeded to tell me about a construction company that needed $5,000 to start a project and mentioned that I would be receiving $500 a month for 6 months.  At the end of the project, once they were finished, they would return what is known as an order payment. What was that I asked? It’s the initial amount of money that I agreed to give MJCF for them to put to work.  After asking a few general questions, I felt comfortable and allowed myself to trust her with the business model and opportunity. I gave her my order payment of $5,000.  After having received my return, I expressed my gratitude to her and asked if I could share this opportunity with my friends and family. The demand for funding exceeded Johanna’s personal funds, so she was more than willing to open this opportunity to others”

This was the start of MJ Capital Funding.

MJCF has grown to an extent where there is a team of underwriters who qualify every company that seeks funds from MJCF.  There are no exceptions to this! The process consists of checking 6 months’ worth of bank statements, last year’s tax returns, and their profit and loss sheet for the last year.  With that, MJCF is able to pre-determine if they are a good candidate for a merchant cash advance.

How MJ Capital Funding Works

What MJ Capital does with order payments is buy future receivables of these companies. On a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis they are charged an advance fee until the term of the contract ends.

MJCF has a contract with clauses that protect all parties involved. If the merchant (i.e., construction company) were to exit the contract, it is stated that they must return the initial order payment in full to do so. If the purchaser wishes to exit the contract, he/she would have the option to do so when their contract comes due, at which point they would receive their order payment in full. The contract also includes the options available in the event of a default by either MJCF and/or the merchant.

Johanna Garcia’s Promise

Proudly, MJCF can say that no purchaser has ever received a late payment from MJCF, let alone a missed payment. Johanna Garcia has an impeccable accounts payable department. Johanna and the whole company stands behind that.

MJCF has evolved into more than just a business. It is a big family, a cultured work environment, an inclusive community, and somewhere many families are proud to call home.

Should you have any questions or inquiries for MJCF or Johanna Garica, please visit our website www.mjcapitalfunds.com or call (561) 779-9423 to inquire more information.